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A resource sharing portal for teachers and students

Our main aim is to provide them means for schools all around the world to be to Share their learning and teaching resources that they have developed with other teachers who are also utilizing Genee Technology. Schools will also have the opportunity via Genee Share to get involved in Collaborative Projects with other similar like minded schools across the world with the aim to enrich the curriculum that they are providing.


Genee Interactive Technology

Interactive Screens

Interactive touchscreens are changing board rooms, classrooms and learning environments. Our range of durable, High-quality screens range from 32″ to 84″, offer up to 10 touchpoints and have the option of an integrated PC. Find out more

Cloud Response System

The Virtual G-Pad is a learner response system that brings interaction and flexibility to lessons, lectures, presentations, briefings, without the need for hardware handsets. Find out more

Wireless Presenting

Genee Sync untethers the presenter from the screen, enabling multiple user control and interact with it remotely. Find out more

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