Genee World is pleased to announce the launch of the Genee Shard interactive touchscreen kiosk
Shard-Shard-Tiltrange. Aimed at the retail, hospitality, leisure, finance and travel industry, the Genee Shard range offers high-quality signage and customer interaction.

“We are extremely excited about launching the Shard range.” Said Ranjit Singh, CEO, Genee World “The kiosks complement the Genee range of interactive touchscreens and also opens our marketplace to the corporate and retail sectors, in fact any sector that has a customer service requirement or is looking for a mechanism to promote their products or services in multiple locations.”

The kiosks can be used as a point-of-sale promotional display, a self-service station or an information point.

Key features and benefits

  • Drive sales with location specific promotions and offers
  • 50” high-definition touchscreen
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • Excellent connectivity (USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA)
  • Supports audio, video formats
  • Sturdy metal frame and toughened glass screen


Announcing the Elite II visualiser

Genee Vision Elite II - LightsGenee World are pleased to announce the Elite II top-of-the range Genee Vision visualiser. Elite II uses a high-quality CMOS camera mounted to an arm. With a powerful zoom, focus and 1080P HD ready visualisers can be used to capture still images or video. It also has adjustable lighting and a LCD viewing panel, so you can see what your audience sees, without the need to view the main screen.

Features such as mirror, rotate, split screen, black and white, positive/negative, image freeze and title grab allow you to manipulate objects or text live on screen without affecting the original source. When combined with software such as the Genee Toolbar or Genee Spark you can also annotate, highlight, draw and write over the objects then save your work as an image or video file.

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The art of Genee Vision

The art of Genee Vision

“In many ways this has revolutionised my teaching practice”

Art and Photography teacher, Simon Johnson, uses the Genee Vision 8100HD visualiser in his lessons teaching key stage 3, GSCE, A-Level and the International Baccalaureate Visual Artsl.


Before using the visualiser Simon had to gather students around a table to demonstrate a new skill or technique. For some students this is okay but for students who do not pick up ideas quickly or students who find it challenging to engage with a demonstration when they are out of their seat or in close proximity to others this is a problem.

By using the visualiser Simon can now demonstrate techniques to the student while they remain in their seats. This helps the more able students who will then gain more time on the task as they can engage when they are ready and not when the demonstration has finished around the table. The other benefit is that Simon can record his demonstrations and post them on social media so that other students can see the techniques being taught on their mobile electronic devices.

“In many ways this has revolutionised my teaching practice as an art and photography teacher” Enthuses Simon “ I can also ‘time lapse’ the films made with the visualiser so that pupils can see the process quicker and the end result sooner.”

Using the visualiser to record lessons also has the added benefit of assisting with Ofsted appraisals.

Ofsted, the regulatory body of schools in England & Wales, place great importance on the pace and challenge element in a lesson. So the visualiser is instrumental from that point of view. There are other benefits such as allowing students to draw and paint using the visualisers recording capability. These films can be ‘time lapsed’ and distributed to peers, friends and families. Young pupils can see A-Level/IBDP VA students painting and drawing over and over again. This is known as ‘reciprocal learning’ and is an integral part of teaching pedagogy.



To complement its range of touchscreen tablets Genee World launches range of tablet charging trolleys for schools

Genee World has announced the launch of the Genee Charger Units, a range of charging units designed to work in conjunction with its range of Genee Tab interactive touchscreen tablets.Charger and tabletsGenee Charger Units have been produced to help schools manage the increasing use of tablets in schools and are designed in a lightweight material to enable mobility to and from locations around the school. The units also come in a range of primary colours to fit in with the school environment.

Key specifications:

  • Charges up to 32 tablets (USB version 33)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cost-effective solution to share technology between rooms
  • Easy to use and tidy
  • Cable management
  • Available in a choice of 4 vibrant colours: red, blue, green or yellow
  • Eco-friendly

AC and USB version available
The AC option allows you to utilise your tablets own charger and USB cables, while the USB version has a built in USB charger, requiring just your tablets USB cables. Which means you can use multiple brands at once.

Low maintenance
All the electronics are housed in an easily removable timer module which in the unlikely event of a problem can be simply swapped out, greatly reducing down time and cost. The Genee Tablet Charging Trolley’s modular design offers true flexibility.


Electrical safety/certification
As with all Genee products, Genee Tablet Charging Trolley has been fully electrically tested, ensuring the highest levels of electrical/build safety and complying with the latest HSE manufacturing guidelines on electrical safety.


Genee World to launch new range of touchscreen kiosks at ISE 2015

Genee World, the Midlands-based manufacturer of interactive displays and AV devices, has announced the launch of Genee Kiosk. Genee Kiosk incorporates an interactive touchscreen that can be loaded with existing or bespoke software tailored to specific applications. With touch technology becoming more commonplace throughout industry and the public sector, Genee World plan to extend its reach into new markets.

Self-service kiosks are proving to be extremely valuable for shortening time spent assisting customers and have a real impact on raising efficiency and lowering costs. The technology is robust and adaptable to many situations that require client check-in and booking. Kiosks can also be used to advertise products, services and events, provide route maps and directions.

Initially Genee Kiosks will be produced in three upright designs, which can be adapted and branded to customer specification.

Ranjit Singh, CEO of Genee World, said: “Over the years we have become experts in the ever-expanding field of touchscreen technology, so adding the kiosk to our product portfolio is a natural step for Genee World.”

Kiosks are used across many industry sectors including retail, health, education, leisure and travel.

Genee Kiosks work in extreme temperatures and incorporate robust anti-glare and anti-reflective high-definition LED screens.

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Genee World at ISE 2015 – interactive touchscreens add a touch of class to your presentations and training

Stand no: 7-T190

Genee World will be showing its entire range of G-Touch Deluxe LED touchscreens at ISE 2015. The G-Touch range provides teachers and trainers with the benefit of 10-point multi-touch support, a built-in OPS slot to retro fit an i3, i5 or i7 processor separately and built-in Android operating system.

The new range of 10-point touchscreens, include the new addition of the 80” G Touch LED screen. Other screens sizes include: 55”, 65”, 70” and 84” screens.

Presentation and educational software is provided with all screens, giving the user full-functionality from set-up.

All G-Touch screens are high-definition, with the exception of the 84”, which is a 4K UHD model.

With its high-end commercial panel 24/7 Flash, the G-Touch LED screen can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making the G-Touch LED screen one of the most durable interactive displays on the market.

Genee World will also be showing a range of visualisers, response systems and its new interactive touchscreen kiosk.

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Genee World launches new range of 10-point G-Touch Deluxe screens

Genee World, the Midlands-based manufacturer of interactive displays and devices, has announced the launch of the new range of 10-point touchscreens, including the addition of the 80” G-Touch LED screen. The new 80” G-Touch LED screen is part of the range, which includes the 55”, 65” and 70” screens.

Ranjit Singh, CEO of Genee World, said: “We are extremely enthusiastic and excited about the launch of the new 10-point G-Touch screens, particularly the 80”. We have seen a huge increase in the number of our touchscreens going into the market place. Many of our customers have told us that they would like a large screen but due to budget constraints they are not able to purchase the 84″ model, and they feel that the 70” is just too small for their specific environment.”

With the Deluxe range, teachers and trainers can now benefit from the 10-point multi-touch support, built-in OPS slot to retro fit an i3, i5 or i7 processor separately, or employ the built-in Android operating system.

With its high-end commercial panel 24/7 Flash, the G-Touch LED screen can be 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making the G-Touch LED screen is one of the most durable interactive displays on the market.


Genee World announces major installations in Nigeria

Genee World, the Midlands-based manufacturer of interactive displays and devices, has announced a major deal with the Nigerian Ministry of Education to implement 161 fully interactive classrooms into the country’s tertiary education system.
Each classroom will include a Genee Touch screen, a visualiser, a Genee Slate graphics tablet, a Genee iQ audience response system.

Genee World worked with its premier Nigerian reseller, Spectrum International, on the deal which has been financed by the Tertiary Education Fund (TETFUND). The TETFUND is a tax levied by the Nigerian government on all businesses with the aim of funding the country’s higher education system.

“This is a great opportunity to bring our range of products to a new marketplace,” said Ranjit Singh, CEO “Our products are at the cutting-edge of education and training technology, and it’s an exciting development to see them used to educate in such diverse and interesting ways.”

The Genee World technology will allow students to collaborate with each other and the teacher with full interaction. The screens have a large range of connectivity, which enables the user to connect computers, visualisers, cameras and other devices directly to the screen then switch seamlessly between them. The audience response systems allow for full participation from the students, including voting and answering questions in realtime. All lessons can be planned in advance, recorded and saved for assessment purposes.