Genee World announces major installations in Nigeria

Genee World, the Midlands-based manufacturer of interactive displays and devices, has announced a major deal with the Nigerian Ministry of Education to implement 161 fully interactive classrooms into the country’s tertiary education system.
Each classroom will include a Genee Touch screen, a visualiser, a Genee Slate graphics tablet, a Genee iQ audience response system.

Genee World worked with its premier Nigerian reseller, Spectrum International, on the deal which has been financed by the Tertiary Education Fund (TETFUND). The TETFUND is a tax levied by the Nigerian government on all businesses with the aim of funding the country’s higher education system.

“This is a great opportunity to bring our range of products to a new marketplace,” said Ranjit Singh, CEO “Our products are at the cutting-edge of education and training technology, and it’s an exciting development to see them used to educate in such diverse and interesting ways.”

The Genee World technology will allow students to collaborate with each other and the teacher with full interaction. The screens have a large range of connectivity, which enables the user to connect computers, visualisers, cameras and other devices directly to the screen then switch seamlessly between them. The audience response systems allow for full participation from the students, including voting and answering questions in realtime. All lessons can be planned in advance, recorded and saved for assessment purposes.

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