The art of Genee Vision

The art of Genee Vision

“In many ways this has revolutionised my teaching practice”

Art and Photography teacher, Simon Johnson, uses the Genee Vision 8100HD visualiser in his lessons teaching key stage 3, GSCE, A-Level and the International Baccalaureate Visual Artsl.


Before using the visualiser Simon had to gather students around a table to demonstrate a new skill or technique. For some students this is okay but for students who do not pick up ideas quickly or students who find it challenging to engage with a demonstration when they are out of their seat or in close proximity to others this is a problem.

By using the visualiser Simon can now demonstrate techniques to the student while they remain in their seats. This helps the more able students who will then gain more time on the task as they can engage when they are ready and not when the demonstration has finished around the table. The other benefit is that Simon can record his demonstrations and post them on social media so that other students can see the techniques being taught on their mobile electronic devices.

“In many ways this has revolutionised my teaching practice as an art and photography teacher” Enthuses Simon “ I can also ‘time lapse’ the films made with the visualiser so that pupils can see the process quicker and the end result sooner.”

Using the visualiser to record lessons also has the added benefit of assisting with Ofsted appraisals.

Ofsted, the regulatory body of schools in England & Wales, place great importance on the pace and challenge element in a lesson. So the visualiser is instrumental from that point of view. There are other benefits such as allowing students to draw and paint using the visualisers recording capability. These films can be ‘time lapsed’ and distributed to peers, friends and families. Young pupils can see A-Level/IBDP VA students painting and drawing over and over again. This is known as ‘reciprocal learning’ and is an integral part of teaching pedagogy.

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